Second European meeting in presence

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After the May meeting in Tenerife, the European partners of the ECCOPS project met for the second time in attendance in Rome on 17 and 18 November 2022. The venue was the national headquarters of Uciim, promoter and coordinator of the project.

Participants in the meeting evaluated the actions already implemented in order to achieve the project’s objectives and the focus then turned to planning the next steps, in particular the upcoming European webinar for teachers.
The materials to be provided to the teachers were discussed and shared: the Methodological Teaching Guidelines, the proposals of the Civic Education contents to be carried out, the Student Competence Cards, materials that will be used flexibly by the teachers during the pilot course in their classrooms. ECCOPS bases its objectives and learning outcomes on the three domains of knowledge and thinking skills, of values and attitudes towards civic and social life, of commitment and disposition to active participation. It was emphasised, therefore, that in the students’ learning process cognitive aspects, value and affective-behavioural aspects will be interconnected and integrated, to form competent citizens to effectively promote a culture of democracy.

The morning of 18 November was dedicated to a visit to the Liceo Kant The aim was to acquaint Romanian and Spanish colleagues with the organisation and daily life of an Italian high school and, at the same time, to introduce the Liceo colleagues and students involved in the project to the persons who conceived and shared it. The Eccops group was welcomed in the Aula Magna by the Head teacher and here he gave an outline of the commitment required of the teachers and classes and thanked them for their participation. A number of students were also present, chosen in the language section for their knowledge of English, and very nicely two Romanian students took charge of translating for the colleagues from Buzau.
After the internal school visit, the group entered the four classrooms where the ECCOPS pilot course will take place. In each, in a different language, he thanked colleagues and students for their participation and expressed the wish to receive their feedback of suggestions and proposals to improve the tested ECCOPS working tools.
The visit ended with ritual photo to remember the pleasant meeting.

The host partner organised the lunches at the self bistro CONTORNO. PRODOTTO E …MANGIATO, which offers a natural cuisine always linked to seasonality and based on products from the local area – often 0 km to safeguard the lowest possible environmental impact, from sustainable farming that respects biodiversity, within a supply chain that guarantees the protection of the environment in all processing and distribution phases.