This website has been created using the OpenDyslexic font, that increases readability for readers with dyslexia. This tool is useful because it avails all users of the contents easily and it is being updated continually and improved based on input from other dyslexic users.
Another tool used to optimize the inclusion is the accessible WP toolbar, that is available to help users during their navigation. In order to use it, it’s enough to click on the icon like the one placed alongside (and visible in the top left of each page) and select one of the tools that the user requires (e.g. increase contrast, view the website in a black and white, highlights titles or links, increase or decrease fonts and other similar tools).

The blind persons may use the above-mentioned tools together with a screen reader software, that is a program that translates the written text information into Braille lines or vocal information. Below are listed some possible solutions.

Nvda – Free software – Windows operative system.

Jaws – Paid software – Windows operative system. 

Dolphin – Paid software – Windows operative system.

VoiceOver – Free software – Included with MacOS e iOS operative systems.

Orca – Free software – Linux operative system.

There are many other tools that are useful for this purpose, such as browser extensions (e.g. ChromeVox and Chirpy) or app for android smartphone (such as TalkBack and ShinePlus).