Beauchamp Water Treatment Blogspot: May 2022

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The water treatment industry has been notoriously slow to accept change. In this time of everything going digital, there are still a lot of water treatment companies that insist on the “Tried and True” old water treatment methods. Generally, this means very inefficient water treatment systems that require a lot of regular maintenance. There will always be some customers that insist on the old methods and if that’s what works for you that’s fine but what if I showed you and more importantly, prove to you, that upgrading your water treatment system will not only give you better quality water, along with more consistent quality water, it will also save you money!

Welcome to the 21st century! I always joke with customers they are coming out of the dark ages. Into the 21st century with this new water treatment technology. Sometimes they are a little skeptical about this new technology but people are naturally wary of what they don’t understand. So a little water treatment education 101 is in order to show what going digital can do for your home, family, and wallet.

Digital controls for water treatment equipment have been around for over thirty years now. What this is, is a whole new design in digital technology and reliability. As computer technology has advanced so has the ability to adapt this technology to water treatment equipment. There were some stumbling

blocks initially and the inevitable bugs to work out with this new approach but the wait has been worth it. Not only have the electronics improved drastically but the water treatment valves themselves have improved by “Light Years”. Going digital made things simpler and it works better. Less moving parts equal more durability, reliability, longevity, and a whole lot less maintenance and service.

With Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply, our complete line of C Series water treatment equipment has “Smart Technology”. What does this mean for you? This technology actually monitors your water usage and automatically re-configures the programming every three weeks to anticipate peak periods/days of water usage and water treatment accessory keep you in conditioned water more consistently while using less salt and water. With old technology, we would have had to come out for service because you ran out of soft water when everyone was over or you would have had to manually regenerate the water softener to assure you had soft water. These systems now do all that automatically. They even anticipate water usage and if the system sees there won’t be enough soft water to last through the next day it automatically cycles, the night before, to assure you stay in soft/conditioned water.

When we are working with a customer to help solve their water problems the first thing we do, after a complete water analysis, is work with the customer to decide which water treatment system is the proper one for their application. When we’ve done all the math the new system will usually use 50% – 70% less salt than what they’ve been using and 30% less water also! That is real savings that add up quickly.

IB3 Filter System and C Series Twin Tank Water Conditioner with “Smart Technology”

Beyond all the savings and durability with these systems, the “Smart Technology” offers service people something that no water treatment system has ever done before. Here is a perfect example: We have a customer that we installed an IB3 Iron filtration system for. She had a working Sears water softener but the iron. Manganese were much too high for the water softener to handle. We install the new filtration reverse osmosis membrane system, I go back in two weeks to check the water and the water is GREAT! The best water she has ever had! She already referred me to two of her friends. Then two weeks later I get a call and she says her water is terrible and rusty! All the toilets are rusty, the hot water is rusty and she ruined a load of clothes with all the rust. At this point, I am a little puzzled so I went right over to see what the problem might be. Sure enough, her water is hard and all rusty. As a matter of fact, it is brown coming out of the faucets! The first thing I do is make sure both systems are working properly and they are. Then I get into the program history for the IB3 Filter System with ” Smart Technology” and I see 50-70 gallons of water used the last two days then it spikes up to 2700 gallons, 3000

gallons, 3500 gallons, 3100 gallons, 2500 gallons and finally 1500 gallons before the water usage returns to the normal 50-70 gallons per day. So I asked her if she has had company lately and indeed she has. The grandkids were over last weekend and she says the bathroom toilet stuck wide open and ran 24/7 all week until she noticed it and jiggled the handle two days ago to stop it. I showed her in the programming exactly when the toilet stuck open. The exact time she jiggled the handle to stop it.

This service call was solved within ten minutes of my visit because of the diagnostic tools this “Smart Technology” affords us now. If you liked this article and you would like to obtain far more facts pertaining to ro housing ( kindly stop by our own web-page. She had gone through over 14,000 gallons of water that week! Not only was she shocked by how much water was used, but I was also. The equipment was simply overwhelmed by the amount of water used. The good news is everything was working fine and I got her back into iron-free, soft water in short order and flushed the water heater also to assure she had good water throughout the house. I set her up with our plumber to rebuild all the toilets. Followed up in a week to confirm the water was fine. Indeed it was and she had referred me again to more friends.

The point to all this is with an old water treatment system we would have eventually figured out the problem but it would have taken much longer and the customer would have been very skeptical that much water was used and the toilet was the culprit.

The Digital Age has arrived and if you are not up to date with your water treatment equipment and “Smart Technology” you need to get on board. It’s time to digitize and realize what great water and efficient water treatment equipment can do for your home and family!

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